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Collection of Biopsy-specific SOPs


The SOPs contained within this compendium pertain to the collection, preservation, and processing of tissue biopsies. Each SOP is a product of a single Source organization. For more information on an individual SOP or its Source please click on an SOP title below.


  • CC GMI
  • DCTD
  • EuroBioBank
  • HANC
  • Immune Tolerance Network
  • KLR
  • Komen Tissue Bank
  • OICR
  • Q-CROC
  • SJH Biobank
  • Stanford Health Care
  • U of M CIC
  • VPLS
  • chILD-EU
  • GOSH
  • Medical University Innsbruck
  • Aqix
  • NIH NeuroBioBank
  • NIBiobank
  • BuruliVac Project
  • PDMR
  • OCG
  • PCBN
  • LANDMark Biobank
  • CIMAC-CIDC Network
  • MD Anderson CPDPC Consortium


Title Version (Release Date) Source
OCT Embedding and Histology Quality Control of Breast Biopsies and Surgical Specimens Q-CROC
SJH Cancer Biobank Breast Gross Specimen SOP SJH Biobank
Skin Biopsy Transport Protocol U of M CIC
Skin Biopsy Collection Protocol U of M CIC
Collection and Preservation of Kidney or Liver Transplant Biopsy for ITN Study Immune Tolerance Network
Acquisition of Normal Breast Tissue Komen Tissue Bank
Collection of breast biopsy Q-CROC
Anatomic Pathology Specimen Collection – Renal Pathology Stanford Health Care
Adipose Tissue Biopsy Standard Operating Procedure (SOP 72) HANC
Lymph Node Biopsy Standard Operating Procedure (SOP 71) HANC
Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT) Colorectal Biopsy: Collection and Initial Processing at Local ACTG Laboratories (SOP 69) HANC
SOP205 Tissue Biopsy Collection and Processing for Clinical Trials OICR
Collection of Small Tissue Biopsies for Frozen Sectioning CC GMI
Tumor Frozen Needle Biopsy Specimen Collection and Handling DCTD
HIF-1 alpha Immunoassay Tumor Frozen Needle Biopsy Specimen Collection and Handling DCTD
Tumor Frozen Needle Biopsy Preparation for the gamma-H2AX IFA DCTD
Surgical Lung Biopsy Protocols KLR
Nitrogen freezing protocol for muscle biopsy EuroBioBank
Isopentane freezing protocol for muscle biopsy EuroBioBank
Procedure for Handling and Shipping Muscle and/or Nerve Tissue to Vanderbilt Neuropathology VPLS
Renal Biopsy Procedure: Allocation and Fixation of the Tissue VPLS
Surgical Lung Biopsy Protocols chILD-EU
Skin Biopsy: punch method GOSH
Standard Operating Procedure for Kidney Biopsy Collection Medical University Innsbruck
Muscle Tissue Biopsy Nutrition Centres ECRIN
Standard Operating Procedure: Collecting Colonic Biopsy Samples for Histopathological Protein, Gene Expression and Epigenetic Analysis GENIEUR
Laboratory procedures Involving Human Diploid Fibroblasts Cultures NIH NeuroBioBank
AQIX® SOP – Human Myometrial Cell Isolation Aqix
Human Colon Biopsy Trials [CA/RSS/Sept07] Aqix
SOP- Human Pancreatic Biospecimen Procurement [ONC/FEB-11] Aqix
SOP- Human Skin Biospecimen Procurement [TS/FEB-11] Aqix
[TNO/USSING/RSS/Oct07] USSING Intestine Biopsy Procedures Aqix
[SSPZ/RSS/Oct07] Human Bronchi Biopsy Procedures Aqix
Human Biospecimen Cell & Tissue Sample Procurement Aqix
Collection, transport and storage of diagnostic specimens BuruliVac Project
Fresh Tumor Collection and Handling for Generation of Patient-Derived Models PDMR
Tumor Biopsy Lysate Fractionation for the Apoptosis Multiplex Immunoassay Panels DCTD
Biopsy Specimen Processing for MET Immunoassay DCTD
Tumor Frozen Needle Biopsy Preparation for Pharmacodynamic Immunofluorescence Assays Utilizing Murine Testis and/or Jejunum Control Tissues DCTD
Office of Cancer Genomics (OCG) Burkitt Lymphoma Genome Sequencing Project (BLGSP) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual OCG
Office of Cancer Genomics (OCG) HIV+ Tumor Molecular Characterization Project (HTMCP) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Manual OCG
SOP No. 002 Prostate Tissue Collection and Sampling PCBN
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Pancreatic Cancer Fresh Tissue samples Pancreatic Cancer Europe
LANDMark Biobank Manual of Operations LANDMark Biobank
Minimally Invasive Tissue Sampling (MITS) Procedure Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) CHAMPS
CIMAC Specimen Collection Umbrella CIMAC-CIDC Network
CPDPC16-02 PROCEED Biospecimen Collection Methods MD Anderson CPDPC Consortium
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