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SOP- Human Skin Biospecimen Procurement [TS/FEB-11]   Add to my SOP compendium

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This document describes Aqix’s recommended protocols for the storage and transportation of skin tissue biopsy specimens in AQIX RS-I transport/storage solution at hypothermic (3-8 °C) temperatures during long-term (24-72 h) procurement and at ambient temperatures during short-term (6-12 h) procurement. The document is available at THE URL SPECIFIED FOR THIS SOP IS NO LONGER VALID. NCI IS NO LONGER IN CONTACT WITH THE SOURCE THAT CONTRIBUTED THIS SOP.

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SOP-Skin Biopsy Collection protoco-11-2013.pdf [Size: 134 KB]

  • Tissue - Skin
  • General
  • Biospecimen Preservation
  • Biospecimen Shipment
  • Storage

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