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New Expert-Vetted BEBP Now Available

A new Expert-Vetted Biospecimen Evidence-Based Practices document on nucleic acid extraction from FFPE tissue blocks is now available in the BRD's SOP library.  Visit the publication announcing the release at


ISBER 2018 Meeting

Don't miss BBRB's presentation on comparisons among SOPs from the BRD's SOP Library during this Wednesday's (5/23/18) morning session at the ISBER 2018 Annual Meeting.

Later, stop by and visit the ISBER Tool Bench at 3:30 pm (Wednesday, 5/23/18) to learn more about the BRD and how it may be of use to you.


AACR Annual Meeting 2018

Stop by and visit BBRB's poster (Abstract #4763) on the BRD and the Biospecimen Evidence-Based Practices document series at the AACR Annual Meeting 2018 on 4/17.


The 4th edition of the ISBER Best Practices is Now Available!

The newest edition of the ISBER Best Practices was released on January 31, 2018. View the document at


Most Popular SOPs in 2017

The top 5 most downloaded SOPs in the BRD in 2017 were supplied by:



GAPPS Repository:

UCHC Tissue Repository:



New Review from BBRB: Understanding preanalytical variables and their effects on clinical biomarkers of oncology and immunotherapy

The review, which appears in a special issue of Seminars in Cancer Biology, summarizes reported effects of preanalytical variability on immunologically relevant biomarkers.  Find it here.


2017 Global Biobank Week Conference

Stop by and visit BBRB's poster on the NCI's Biospecimen Evidence-Based Practices (BEBP) document series at the Global Biobank Meeting in Stockholm, Sweden September 13th-15th.


ISBER 2017 Annual Meeting

Stop by and visit BBRB's poster on the BRD and the Biospecimen Evidence-Based Practices document series at the ISBER 2017 Annual Meeting on May 11th.


Most Popular SOPs in 2016

The top 5 most downloaded SOPs in the BRD in 2016 were supplied by



GAPPS Repository:

UCHC Tissue Repository:


New SOPs were submitted from Q-CROC

New SOPs from the Consortium de Recherche en Oncologie Clinique du Québec (Q-CROC) were added to the BRD. View them at


ISBER 2016 Regional Meeting

Visit BBRB's poster on the BRD at the ISBER Regional Meeting in Bethesda, MD on Nov 7th and 8th.


New SOPs added!

SOPs from NIH's Epidemiology & Genomics Research Program were added to the BRD. View them at


Did you know that PubMed links out to the BRD?

Look for a link to the BRD on the bottom of the PubMed abstract page, under "LinkOut-more resources".


New Review from BBRB. Accuracy of Molecular Data Generated with FFPE Biospecimens: Lessons from the Literature

The review appears in Cancer Research's OnlineFirst section, and both summarizes the challenges associated with molecular analysis of FFPE biospecimens as well as highlights analytical techniques and parameters that result in strong concordance with a fresh or frozen cohort.

Click here to read the article.


ISBER Biospecimen Science Literature Compilation

The ISBER Biospecimen Science Working Group has compiled hundreds of biospecimen science references from both the clinical and the environmental sectors: click here!


New Review from BBRB: How well do you know your FFPE specimen?

A new review summarizing the effects of FFPE processing factors on nucleic acid, protein, and morphological endpoints appears in the November 2014 issue of Arch Pathol Lab Med. The review was drafted using references housed in the BRD.

Click here to read the article.       

Click here to read the accompanying editorial.


NCI Biospecimen Evidence-Based Practices now Available

NCI BEBPs are literature-annotated procedural guidelines based upon entries contained within the BRD. The first BEBP in an anticipated series is now available at and addresses snap-freezing of post-surgical tissue biospecimens. 


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New Search Features Now Available

Browse by Analyte or Pre-analytical Factor, or increase search stringency by using the Advanced Search, which contains drop down menu options and a keyword search.  Results of a Keyword Search can also be limited to studies that explored experimental comparisons by selecting the box on the Search Results page.