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The Human Tumor Atlas Network (HTAN) SOP Compendium


This compendium contains SOPs contributed by the National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded initiative the Human Tumor Atlas Network (HTAN). SOPs are available online through the NCI HTAN workspace ( Additional information on HTAN can be found at


  • HTAN


Title Version (Release Date) Source
TST Nuclei Isolation with GentleMACS HTAN
Multiplex IHC Image Processing HTAN
WUSTL Senescence Network (SenNet) Biospecimen Collection SOP HTAN
TMA-TNP Section Map and Slide Processing - Phase 4 HTAN
Cell preparation for scRNA-Seq from diluted bodily fluids V.2 HTAN
Tissue Cyclic Immunofluorescence (t-CyCIF) HTAN
WU sn-prep Protocol for Solid Tumors - snRNA protocol v2.8 HTAN
Targeted ExSeq -- Tissue Preparation V.2 HTAN
Targeted ExSeq -- Probe Generation V.2 HTAN
mIHC staining (OHSU, Coussens' lab) SOP (TMA_TNP) HTAN
Targeted ExSeq -- In Situ Sequencing (Illumina Chemistry) HTAN
Targeted ExSeq -- Sequencing Library Preparation HTAN
OMS Atlas OCT Spatial Mapping HTAN
Download all SOP documents of selected versions [14]

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