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TST Nuclei Isolation with GentleMACS   Add to my SOP compendium

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This document describes procedures used by the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to isolate nuclei from frozen tissue specimens as part of the National Cancer Institute's Human Tissue Atlas Network (HTAN, initiative. It has been used in conjunction with the HTAN single-nuclei RNA-seq preparation protocol for analysis of frozen melanoma, breast, and lung metastases. The SOP is available online via the HTAN workspace at ( and directly at

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NCI HTAN tst-nuclei-isolation-with-gentlemacs-220301-czwzx7f6.pdf [Size: 145 KB]

  • Tissue - Skin
  • Tissue - Breast
  • Tissue - Lung
  • Neoplastic - Melanoma
  • Neoplastic - Carcinoma
  • Biospecimen Processing

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