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This document describes procedures that are used at Washington University's Biospecimen Core as part of the Cellular Senescence Network (SenNEt) and the National Cancer Institute's Human Tissue Atlas Network (HTAN; initiative for the collection, division, and preservation of skin, liver, and bone marrow tissue specimens by a slow freeze method (OCT embedding and freezing on dry ice), snap-freezing in liquid nitrogen, and formalin fixation. It also addresses the storage of preserved tissue specimens until analysis. The document also includes procedures for the collection and processing of EDTA plasma and serum specimens, isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), and frozen storage of these fluid and isolated cell specimens. The SOP is available online via the HTAN workspace at ( and directly at

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NCI HTAN wustl-senescence-network-sennet-biospecimen-collec-cimhuc36.pdf [Size: 169 KB]

  • Tissue - Skin
  • Tissue - Liver
  • Tissue - Bone Marrow
  • Fluid - Blood
  • Fluid - Plasma
  • Fluid - Serum
  • Cell - White Cells
  • Not specified
  • Biospecimen Acquisition
  • Biospecimen Processing
  • Biospecimen Preservation
  • Storage

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