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Collection of SOPs from the NCI Biospecimen Pre-analytical Variables (BPV) Program


These documents describe the processes followed for the NCI Biospecimen Pre-analytical Variables (BPV) program. This research study assessed the effects of pre-analytical variables on molecular analyses of biospecimens, using a robust biospecimen collection infrastructure to prospectively collect biospecimens using SOPs to control for most variables while introducing experimental conditions to study specific biospecimen handling issues including cold ischemic time (delay to formalin fixation), time in formalin, freezing methods, and storage temperatures and durations. The SOPs include documents relating to enrollment and informed consent; data collection, pre-operative, and evaluation forms; collection kits and the collection, processing, and packaging of biospecimens for shipment to the biorepository; histologic analysis of normal and neoplastic tissue. The SOPs are also available on the NCI BBRB website at:


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Title Version (Release Date) Source
OP-0003 BPV Program FFPE Tissue Processing BBRB
OP-0004 BPV Program Paraffin Embedding of Formalin Fixed Tissues BBRB
PR-0005 BPV Program Blood Sample Collection and Processing BBRB
PR-0006 BPV Program Surgical Tissue Collection and Preservation BBRB
OP-0014 BPV Kit Receipt, Supplies, and Shipping Procedure BBRB
OP-0014-W1 BPV Work Instruction for Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Blue Kit Receipt and Shipping BBRB
OP-0014-W2 BPV Work Instruction for the Red (LN2) Kit Receipt and Shipping BBRB
OP-0014-W3 BPV Work Instruction for White Kit Receipt and Shipping BBRB
PR-0009 BPV Program Local Pathology Review and Tissue Biospecimen Quality Control (QC) for Biospecimen Source Site (BSS) BBRB
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