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CC GMI Compendium


The SOPs contained in this compendium are products of the Genomic Medicine Institute (GMI) at the Cleveland Clinic. They are available from Additional resources that include service request, transfer request, and domestic shipping forms as well as material transfer agreements are also available on their website.


  • CC GMI


Title Version (Release Date) Source
Plasma Isolation CC GMI
DNA isolation CC GMI
RNA Isolation CC GMI
Lymphblastoid Cell Line Initiation CC GMI
Protein Isolation from Viable Cells CC GMI
DNA Isolation from Paraffin Embedded Tissue CC GMI
Collection of Small Tissue Biopsies for Frozen Sectioning CC GMI
Placing Viable Cells in Cryogenic Suspension CC GMI
Spectrofluorometric Quantification of dsDNA CC GMI
Download all SOP documents of selected versions [9]

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