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European Nanomedicine Characterisation Laboratory


This compendium contains SOPs contributed by the European Nanomedicine Characterisation Laboratory (EUNCL; and are available for download at:




Title Version (Release Date) Source
Analysis of Haemolytic Properties of Nanoparticles (EUNCL-ITA-001) EUNCL
Analysis of Platelet Aggregation by Cell Counting (EUNCL-ITA-2.1) EUNCL
Analysis of Platelet Aggregation by Light Transmission Aggregometry (EUNCL-ITA-002.2) EUNCL
Analysis of complement activation by EIA (EUNCL-ITA-005.2) EUNCL
Analysing Plasma Coagulation Time (EUNCL-ITA12) EUNCL
Leukocyte Proliferation Assay (EUNCL-ITA-006.2) EUNCL
Preparation of blood and PBMC for cytokine secretion (EUNCL-ITA-010) EUNCL
Leukocyte Procoagulant Activity (EUNCL-ITA-017) EUNCL
Determination of cytokine Concentrations (EUNCL-ITA-030) EUNCL
Hep G2 Hepatocarcinoma Cytotoxicity Assay (EUNCL-GTA-002) EUNCL
Determination of intracellular reactive oxygen species (EUNCL-GTA-010) EUNCL
High Content Screening Assay for Cell Viability (EUNCL-GTA-020) EUNCL
High Content Screening Multiparametric Assays for Cytotoxicity (EUNCL-GTA-021) EUNCL
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