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Thrombosis in Cancer Patients (TCP) Project


This compendium contains SOPs contributed by the Thrombosis in Cancer Patients (TCP) study. The overall objective of the TCP study is to guide the standardization of methods and approaches used for measuring biomarkers of thrombosis. In particular, the study was designed to identify the impact of three pre-analytic variables (delay to centrifugation, freeze/thaw cycles, and delay to testing) on analysis of twelve plasma biomarkers in cancer patients and non-cancer control donors using standardized methodologies. The SOPs in this compendium are a product of the Center for Strategic Scientific Initiatives (CSSI) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (


  • TCP Project


Title Version (Release Date) Source
Blood Sample Collection SOP TCP Project
Factor Assay – VIII, IX, XI, XII TCP Project
D-Dimer HS TCP Project
Prothrombin Fragment 1+2 ELISA TCP Project
Soluble P Selectin ELISA TCP Project
Plasma DNA Assay TCP Project
Nucleosome ELISA TCP Project
Myeloperoxidase assay TCP Project
Plasmin-Antiplasmin ELISA TCP Project
Blood Sample Processing, Storage and Shipping TCP Project
Soluble Thrombomodulin TCP Project
IL-6 ELISA TCP Project
Soluble Tissue Factor TCP Project
IL-6 ELISA (New Kit) TCP Project
Soluble P Selectin ELISA (DPSE100) TCP Project
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