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OICR Compendium


This compendium includes SOPs from the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR). The SOPs in this compendium can be found online at


  • OICR


Title Version (Release Date) Source
SOP110 Blood Collection for Biorepositories OICR
SOP111 Blood Processing and Storage for Repositories OICR
SOP112 Nucleic Acid Extraction from Blood Samples OICR
SOP113 Tissue Collection and Transportation to Pathology OICR
SOP114 Tissue Harvesting for Biorepositories OICR
SOP115 Freezing Tissues for Biorepositories OICR
SOP116 Preservation of Tissue Paraffin Embedding OICR
SOP117 Sectioning of Paraffin and OCT Embedded Tissue OICR
SOP118 Haematoxylin and Eosin Staining of Tissue Sections OICR
SOP119 Nucleic Acid Extraction from Tissue OICR
SOP120 Assessing Quality of Tissue Specimens OICR
SOP121 Assessing Quality of Nucleic Acids OICR
SOP122 TMAs from Paraffin Embedded Tissue Blocks OICR
SOP203 Blood Collection for Clinical Trials OICR
SOP204 Blood Processing and Storage for Clinical Trials OICR
SOP205 Tissue Biopsy Collection and Processing for Clinical Trials OICR
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