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The Tumour Bank Standard Operating Procedures   Add to my SOP compendium

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This document describes the (i) cryopreservation and storage of bone marrow, blood, and tissue specimens; (ii) the construction of tissue microarrays; (iii) extraction, quantification, and qualification of DNA from saliva specimens; (iv) the receipt, preservation, and storage of tumor specimens or tissue from patients diagnosed with neurofibromatosis; and (v) the sectioning of tissue preserved in paraffin or Optimal Cutting Temperature (OCT). This document and the SOPs it contains are products of The Children's Hospital at Westmead (CHW) Tumour Bank (

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CHW Tumour Bank SOPs 2017 Revision.pdf [Size: 2744 KB]
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  • Fluid - Bone Marrow
  • Fluid - Blood
  • Tissue - General
  • Fluid - Saliva
  • General
  • Neoplastic - Benign
  • Neoplastic - Not specified
  • Biospecimen Preservation
  • Biospecimen Processing
  • Storage
  • Analyte Extraction and Purification
  • Platform-specific Methodology
  • Biospecimen Shipment

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