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GTEx Histological Images



Please see Terms tab for list of tissues, and other fields for searching. See the online help for additional information on searching and using the Image Viewer.

All Field Search

  • Entering text without a specific field (see below), will search all fields for the words entered, i.e. cortex will find both kidney – cortex and brain – cortex from tissue type, or all pathology review comments with the word cortex
  • Wildcard Search(GTEX-R*C) does a character pattern matching between the characters specified in a query and words in each field containing those character patterns, and returns matching specimens
  • Tilde search (lang~) looks for text in any field spelled similar to the request and returns matching specimens, in this case the search returns also find LUNG
  • Double quotation mark for searchable categories with spaces ("Nerve - tibial")
  • Text to search for could include
    • GTEX-R45C: A GTEx Case Public ID returning all records with any reference to GTEX-R45C
    • GTEX-R*C: Returns all records with any reference to GTEX-R45C, or GTEX-R55C
    • GTEX-R45C-0356: A GTEx Specimen Public ID returning all records with any reference to GTEX-R45C-0356
    • LUNG: Returns all records with any reference to lungs, for example in tissue type or pathology review comments
    • nerve - tibial: Returns all records with any reference to nerves, but no reference to tibial. To search for the string "nerve - tibial", use the double quotes

Specific Field Search

  • Syntax: [field]:[value]
  • Field is case sensitive
  • Available fields
    • casePublicId (casePublicId:GTEX-R45C)
    • specimenPublicId (specimenPublicId:GTEX-R45C-0126)
    • tissue (tissue:lung)
    • fixative (fixative:PAXgene)
    • prcComments (prcComments:hashimoto)
    • autolysis (autolysis:0)
    • acceptability (acceptability:acceptable)
    • ageRange (ageRange:21-40)
    • gender (gender:Male)
  • Search by multiple key words
    • AND (gender:Female AND tissue:Lung AND ageRange:21-40)
    • OR (specimenPublicId:GTEX-R45C-0126 OR specimenPublicId:GTEX-R45C-0226 OR specimenPublicId:GTEX-R45C-0326)