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Case ID Age Gender Specimen ID Tissue Type Fixative Autolysis Pathology Review Comments Acceptability Action
GTEX-1R9PN 41-50 Female GTEX-1R9PN-0526 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces; proliferative endometrium 10%, with endometrial hyperplastic polyp, 30%; myometrium comprises 60% Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1RDX4 51-60 Female GTEX-1RDX4-0726 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces; no endometrium; mostly myometrium; 25% of 1 piece is endocervix [labeled] Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1S5ZU 21-40 Female GTEX-1S5ZU-2726 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces; myometrium only, no endometrium [in these cuts] Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1S82U 21-40 Female GTEX-1S82U-1226 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces, myometrium only Acceptable View Image
GTEX-N7MT 61-70 Female GTEX-N7MT-0726 Uterus PAXgene 0 11x8 mm; atrophic endometrium, calcified arteries Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NL3G 61-70 Female GTEX-NL3G-2426 Uterus PAXgene 2 Basalis endometrium <5% of specimen. Endometrium moderately autolyzed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPK 51-60 Female GTEX-OHPK-2026 Uterus PAXgene 1 myometrium, lots of parametrical vessels, no endomterium Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPL 61-70 Female GTEX-OHPL-2026 Uterus PAXgene 1 small number of glands Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPN 61-70 Female GTEX-OHPN-1926 Uterus PAXgene 2 (glands/stroma); 1 (myometrium. A 0.8 x 2.8mm glandular focus on one pole of a 10x 4mm aliquot Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OXRO 61-70 Female GTEX-OXRO-3026 Uterus PAXgene 3 Glands,1. Stroma. 12x8.8mm Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OXRP 61-70 Female GTEX-OXRP-1926 Uterus PAXgene 1 6x8mm. atrophic endometrial stroma is ~30% of thickness. No viable glands. Acceptable View Image
GTEX-P4PP 21-40 Female GTEX-P4PP-2026 Uterus PAXgene 1 ~7x6mm piece; a 3.3x1.2mm area of weakly proliferative stroma/glands on one edge Acceptable View Image
GTEX-P4QT 41-50 Female GTEX-P4QT-2026 Uterus PAXgene 1 No endometrial glands/ stroma. 2 ~ 6x8mm pieces, one with a 4.6x4mm leiomyoma. Some areas poorly fixed with tears/holes Acceptable View Image
GTEX-P78B 41-50 Female GTEX-P78B-2526 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces: 10x2mm with abundant endometrium; 7.6x2 with little endometrium Acceptable View Image
GTEX-PLZ4 51-60 Female GTEX-PLZ4-2426 Uterus PAXgene 3 2 ~11x3.5mm pieces, mainly myometrium. 1 aliquot has a ~ 3x1.6mm focus of autolyzed atrophic glands/stroma Acceptable View Image
GTEX-POMQ 21-40 Female GTEX-POMQ-1226 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces ~8 x 7mm; No endometrium , only myometium Acceptable View Image
GTEX-PWCY 21-40 Female GTEX-PWCY-1426 Uterus PAXgene 0 2 pieces, 10x9mm, 11x11mm; endometrium is 5x1 mm maximum Acceptable View Image
GTEX-PWN1 41-50 Female GTEX-PWN1-2026 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces, 1, 6x6 mm with secretory endometrium 2mm thick; 1, 14x7.7 mm without endometrium Acceptable View Image
GTEX-PWO3 61-70 Female GTEX-PWO3-3126 Uterus PAXgene 2 2 ~ 8.5x7mm aliquots, few foci of completely autolyzed mucosa/adenomyosis; mainly myometrium Acceptable View Image
GTEX-PWOO 41-50 Female GTEX-PWOO-1526 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 ~10x4mm aliquots. 99% myometrium; rare focal glands, probably lower uterine segment/upper endocervix Acceptable View Image
GTEX-PX3G 21-40 Female GTEX-PX3G-2026 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces; only one, 8.7x3.8 mm, has endometrium, 0.8x1.8mm; other all muscle Acceptable View Image
GTEX-Q2AG 41-50 Female GTEX-Q2AG-2726 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 ~6x3.5mm aliquots, all myometrium; no visible glandular components Acceptable View Image
GTEX-Q734 41-50 Female GTEX-Q734-1626 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 aliquots ~10x3mm. Trace minute glands, adenomyosis. Acceptable View Image
GTEX-QCQG 51-60 Female GTEX-QCQG-1326 Uterus PAXgene 1 2 pieces up to ~8x3mm, atrophic endometrium Acceptable View Image
GTEX-QDT8 21-40 Female GTEX-QDT8-2426 Uterus PAXgene 2 2 ~8.5x3mm aliquots. Autolyzed, atrophic endometrium is <10% of both. Acceptable View Image