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GTEx Histological Images


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Case ID Age Gender Specimen ID Tissue Type Fixative Autolysis Pathology Review Comments Acceptability Action
GTEX-ZYY3 61-70 Female GTEX-ZYY3-1726 Stomach PAXgene 2 6 pieces, mucosa is ~50-80% thickness, moderately-markedly autolyzed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-ZZ64 21-40 Male GTEX-ZZ64-0426 Stomach PAXgene 0 6 pieces; submucosal edema, full thickness Acceptable View Image
GTEX-ZZPT 51-60 Male GTEX-ZZPT-2126 Stomach PAXgene 3 6 pieces. Mucosa up to ~70% thickness but completely autolyzed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-ZZPU 41-50 Female GTEX-ZZPU-1426 Stomach PAXgene 1 6 pieces, 5 with mucosa and muscularis, 1 mucosa only Acceptable View Image