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Case ID Age Gender Specimen ID Tissue Type Fixative Autolysis Pathology Review Comments Acceptability Action
GTEX-1RAZS 51-60 Male GTEX-1RAZS-1126 Liver PAXgene 1 2 pieces; marked congestion Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1RB15 61-70 Male GTEX-1RB15-0626 Liver PAXgene 1 2 pieces, mild microvesicular steatosis Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1RDX4 51-60 Female GTEX-1RDX4-1426 Liver PAXgene 1 2 pieces; severe centrilobular vascular congestion with central cord cell necrosis c/w heart failure Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1RNSC 61-70 Male GTEX-1RNSC-1426 Liver PAXgene 2 2 pieces, autolysis/cellular necrosis Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1RQED 61-70 Male GTEX-1RQED-0726 Liver PAXgene 1 2 pieces, mild congestion Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1S3DN 41-50 Male GTEX-1S3DN-1126 Liver PAXgene 1 2 pieces, no abnormalities Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1S5VW 61-70 Male GTEX-1S5VW-1826 Liver PAXgene 1 2 pieces, macrovesicular steatosis, moderate Acceptable View Image
GTEX-1S5ZU 21-40 Female GTEX-1S5ZU-1126 Liver PAXgene 1 2 pieces; no infiltrates, fibrosis, congestion or fat Acceptable View Image
GTEX-N7MS 61-70 Male GTEX-N7MS-1825 Liver PAXgene 2 30-40% steatotic (macrovesicular) Acceptable View Image
GTEX-N7MT 61-70 Female GTEX-N7MT-0426 Liver PAXgene 0 9x9 mm Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NL3G 61-70 Female GTEX-NL3G-0426 Liver PAXgene 1 Mico/macrovesicular steatosis, 30—40%, confirmed by glass slide review Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NL3H 51-60 Male GTEX-NL3H-0526 Liver PAXgene 2 9x8 mm. Severe acute passive congestion with central necrosis Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NL4W 51-60 Male GTEX-NL4W-1926 Liver PAXgene 1 Mild congestion Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NPJ7 61-70 Female GTEX-NPJ7-2026 Liver PAXgene 1 40-50% macrovesicular steatosis; mild chronic passive congestion Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NPJ8 21-40 Male GTEX-NPJ8-0726 Liver PAXgene 1 Established cirrhosis, diffuse. Acceptable View Image
GTEX-O5YT 21-40 Male GTEX-O5YT-0826 Liver PAXgene 0 Mild central hypoxia Acceptable View Image
GTEX-O5YU 51-60 Male GTEX-O5YU-0326 Liver PAXgene 0 mild congestion Acceptable View Image
GTEX-O5YV 61-70 Female GTEX-O5YV-0726 Liver PAXgene 0 12x7 mm; apsule present; should be 1 cm deeper Acceptable View Image
GTEX-O5YW 51-60 Male GTEX-O5YW-0826 Liver PAXgene 0 10x7 mm; Mod. macrovesicular steatosis; Central chatter, probably poor fixation ; refix-recut Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPM 51-60 Male GTEX-OHPM-0826 Liver PAXgene 0 Macovesicular steatosis (50%). Mild chronic hepatitis with severe bridging fibrosis/early cirrhosis Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPN 61-70 Female GTEX-OHPN-0726 Liver PAXgene 1 Subcapsular aliquot (9 .5 x 7.5mm aqliquot) Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OIZF 61-70 Male GTEX-OIZF-0826 Liver PAXgene 0 50-60% macrovesicular steatosis Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OOBJ 61-70 Male GTEX-OOBJ-0826 Liver PAXgene 1 11.2x 8.3mm. About 10% macrovesicular steatosis. Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OXRK 51-60 Female GTEX-OXRK-1226 Liver PAXgene 1 Mild macrovesicluarsteatosis. Aliquot contains liver capsule Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OXRN 51-60 Male GTEX-OXRN-0626 Liver PAXgene 1 Centrilobular ischemia and congestion 9x8.3mm. Capsule present in aliquot Acceptable View Image