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Case ID Age Gender Specimen ID Tissue Type Fixative Autolysis Pathology Review Comments Acceptability Action
GTEX-N7MS 61-70 Male GTEX-N7MS-2126 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 Mucosa sloughed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-N7MT 61-70 Female GTEX-N7MT-1826 Urinary bladder PAXgene 2 3 pieces, 4.8x3 mm; Surface sloughed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NFK9 41-50 Male GTEX-NFK9-2126 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 Mucosa 90% sloughed/autolyzed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NL3G 61-70 Female GTEX-NL3G-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 Mucosa completely autolyzed; marked diffuse lymphocytic cystitis Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NL3H 51-60 Male GTEX-NL3H-2126 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 Mucosa totally sloughed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NL4W 51-60 Male GTEX-NL4W-1126 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 Epithelium completely sloughed/autolyzed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NPJ7 61-70 Female GTEX-NPJ7-2626 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 Urothelium 100% sloughed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-NPJ8 21-40 Male GTEX-NPJ8-1126 Urinary bladder PAXgene 2 1-2 cell layers of basal urothelium present, autolyzed. Urothelial thickness ave 15 microns or 0.3% of total specimen thickness. Acceptable View Image
GTEX-O5YT 21-40 Male GTEX-O5YT-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 epithelium slightly sloughed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-O5YU 51-60 Male GTEX-O5YU-2126 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 epithelium totally autolyzed and sloughed Unacceptable View Image
GTEX-O5YV 61-70 Female GTEX-O5YV-2126 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 3; most epithelium sloughed Unacceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPJ 61-70 Male GTEX-OHPJ-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 (stroma and fat). urothelium completely sloughed and not evaluable Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPK 51-60 Female GTEX-OHPK-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 good preservation Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPL 61-70 Female GTEX-OHPL-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 3 pieces Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPM 51-60 Male GTEX-OHPM-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 2 mucosa is ~ 1.5% of specimen thickness Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OHPN 61-70 Female GTEX-OHPN-1826 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 urothelium totally sloughed. Specimen thickness is ~4.3mm Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OIZF 61-70 Male GTEX-OIZF-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 Mucosa largely sloughed. Muscle has mild autolysis Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OIZG 51-60 Male GTEX-OIZG-1826 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 3 pieces. Mucosa missing/sloughed. Muscle intact Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OIZH 51-60 Male GTEX-OIZH-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 urothelium is 50-60% sloughed, less than 0.5% of specimen thickness Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OIZI 41-50 Male GTEX-OIZI-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 2 1 of the 3 pieces has little mucosa Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OOBJ 61-70 Male GTEX-OOBJ-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 Two of five sections poorly fixed/extreme separation. Mucosa sub-totally sloughed/degraded, about 31 microns thick where present Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OOBK 41-50 Male GTEX-OOBK-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 1. 10 x 4mm pieces (3); urothelium remarkably well preserved, up to 6-70 microns thick Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OXRK 51-60 Female GTEX-OXRK-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 2 Mucosa largely sloughed Acceptable View Image
GTEX-OXRL 51-60 Male GTEX-OXRL-1926 Urinary bladder PAXgene 1 Fatty fibromuscular and neural tissue, no sign of surface epithelium; 3 pieces, origin unclear; 6x2mm. Unacceptable View Image
GTEX-OXRN 51-60 Male GTEX-OXRN-2226 Urinary bladder PAXgene 3 Completely sloughed epithelium; preserved muscle Acceptable View Image