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Article Curations on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2

SOPs on COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2

The BRD is a free and publicly accessible database that contains peer-reviewed primary and review articles as well as SOPs in the field of human Biospecimen Science. 

Each literature curation has been created by a Ph.D.-level scientist to capture the following: (1) relevant parameters that include the biospecimen investigated (type and location, patient diagnosis), preservation method, analyte(s) of interest and technology platform(s) used for analysis; (2) the pre-analytical factors investigated, including those relating to pre-acquisition, acquisition, preservation, processing, storage, and analysis; and (3) an original summary of relevant results. Browse literature curations or submit specific queries using the Advanced Search page with keyword search for specific biomakers or genes, PubMed ID, or pre-analytical factor values (anticoagulant, fixative, reagent, etc).

SOPs are organized in a hierarchy system consisting of two tiers: (1) SOPs, established protocols; and (2) Biospecimen Evidence-based Practices (BEBP), procedural guidelines developed using literature evidence.  SOP-tiered documents are a product of the Source organization specified. SOPs shared by external organizations are done so only with their consent, and have not been vetted by BBRB. SOP documents are searchable by keyword, or by curated fields (source organization, tier, applicable biospecimens, and topic) on the Search SOPs page.  Related SOP documents are assembled in Compendiums, which are viewable on the SOP Compendiums page.  You can also create your own Compendium and download SOPs together rather than individually.

We encourage you to submit SOPs from your lab or institution for inclusion in the BRD by clicking on the Submit an SOP tab or at  Individuals and organizations that suggest articles for inclusion in the BRD will receive acknowledgement on the paper's curation page. Articles may be submitted by clicking on the Suggest a New Paper tab or via the email above. Feedback is also welcome.

The BRD is an initiative of the NCI Biorepositories and Biospecimen Research Branch (BBRB).

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New Findings from NCI's BPV Program have been Published

A new study from NCI's Biospecimen Pre-analytical Variables (BPV) Program is now available that reports effects on aCGH results in FFPE RCC specimens after a delay to fixation ≥3 h or a fixation time of 72 h.

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