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Biospecimen Research Database

Welcome to the Biospecimen Research Database

Note to users: The BRD team has discovered that users may encounter difficulties when using Internet Explorer versions 9.0 and 10.0. We suggest that you use a different web browser for optimal results.

The Biospecimen Research Database (BRD) is a free and publicly accessible database that contains peer-reviewed literature pertinent to the field of human biospecimen science. The database is updated periodically with both recent and historical publications and may serve as a vehicle for literature review, evaluation of "in use" biospecimen handling protocols, development of new protocols, and identification of analytes that are susceptible or impervious to handling variability.

A login is not required to enter or search the BRD, simply hit "Search " to begin.

Users may suggest articles for curation through the new "Suggest a new paper " feature, located on the left navigation bar. Article suggestions may also be submitted to We welcome your feedback.

The BRD ( is an initiative of the BRN program. BRD paper entries include primary research or review articles that have been identified, reviewed, and curated by a Ph.D. level scientist. For each paper contained within the BRD (1) relevant parameters have been annotated, including the biospecimen investigated (tissue/cell type, patient diagnosis), the preservation method employed, the analyte of interest, and the technology platform applied; (2) relevant results have been summarized in free-text fields; and (3) variables encountered during the lifecycle of a biospecimen (e.g. ischemia time, fixation parameters, storage conditions) have been captured by experimental factors.